E-BAM Plus

Real Time Particulate Monitoring

Our rental fleet has three E-BAM Plus beta attenuation samplers available for rent. The E-BAM Plus sampler is an approved U.S.-EPA designated equivalent method for PM10 sampling and consistent with the requirements of AS/NZS 3580.9.11:2016 – PM10 beta attenuation monitors.

The E-BAM Plus automates particulate measurement by continuously sampling and reporting concentration data. Data records are updated every minute.

The E-BAM Plus eliminates filter collection and filter weighing, and the expense of high maintenance instruments. Beta attenuation sampling provides simple, accurate, inexpensive real time ambient particulate monitoring.

Rental prices are shown below.

Key Features include:
  • Simple to operate resulting in rapid deployment capability – a typical set up time of 15 minutes;
  • Real-time, accurate results without correction factors – regardless of season or geographic location;
  • Lightweight, rugged construction is easily mounted on a tripod in minutes;
  • All weather construction allows for true ambient sampling;
  • Operates on 240v AC power;
  • Continuous Monitoring;
  • Does not require an air conditioned enclosure;
  • Continuous real time data, with results available at a minimum resolution of 1 hour with calibrated results every 24 hours;
  • Remote access is possible via a 4G modem to confirm operations and to download data (rental cost includes up to $10 per week for SIM card data transfer charges);
  • A reliable and accurate particulate sampling method that has been approved by the US EPA;
  • Supplied in a packing case that can be shipped to any location in Australia.
Applications for the E-BAM Plus include:
  • Construction dust monitoring – use near real time particulate data to assist in managing dust impacts;
  • Bush fire particulate sampling – interrogate data on an hourly basis to determine appropriate community health response during a bush fire;
  • Boundary sampling for industries and mines – demonstrate compliance with licence limits and health criteria;
  • Community sampling to assess air quality suitability.
Rental costs (ex GST, subject to change without notice) are as follows:
  • Daily: $ 150
  • Weekly: $ 800
  • Monthly: $ 1,600

The E-BAM Plus sampler is available with either a PM10 or PM2.5 size selective inlet. A single size fraction is measured at any one time.

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