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Noise Dosimeters

The Brüel & Kjær 4448 personal dosimeter determines occupational and workplace noise exposure to assess compliance with OH&S requirements. The dosimeter is lightweight and is designed for easy shoulder-mounting.

The 4448 has simple two-button operation, an informative LCD display and auto-calibration function. Its built-in memory and rechargeable battery provide several working days of measurement. Designed to be wireless and shoulder-mounted, the 4448 Noise Dosimeter measures all noise parameters simultaneously.

Examples of applications include:

  • Assessment of work noise exposure;
  • Occupational noise evaluation (OHS);
  • Functions as a ‘noise watchdog’ and reduces risk;
  • Recommends hearing protection based on measurements.

Supplied as a kit containing 2 dosimeters.

Rental Costs
Case containing x2 Dosimeters (ex GST, subject to change without notice):

  • Daily: $ 90 (Minimum of 2 days)
  • Weekly: $ 450
  • Monthly: $ 900

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